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Dave Willis
Daily Problems based on bidding and play

Frank Stewart
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Daily hands

Monthly Quiz from South Africa from Sid Ismail

First for Bridge QUIZ PAGE with Contest and Prize

NewInBridge has daily topics and hands, many of them Free. However, you'll need to set up an account.

Baron Barclay has daily hands and the offering is free but you need to subscribe first.

Bridge Bulletins - lots of hands and stories in thisgrowing collection of all Daily Bridge Bulletins ever published.

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Bridge Players love puzzles! Crosswords, jigsaws, word play, logic problems .... and the ultimate puzzle, the game of bridge itself.

On this page you will find links to bridge quizzes, puzzles, contests and whatever else I can find that fits into the category of "Puzzling Encounters" for bridge players.

Ron Klinger BridgeDAILY ARTICLES from Ron Klinger
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Double Dummy Corner - started in January 2001 for the benefit of people interested in double dummy bridge problems. Its main purposes are to provide a repository of every worthwhile DD problem that has ever been published; and to provide a medium for publication of new problems for competitive solving. It is updated every Sunday, in principle, subject to the vagaries of the webmaster's personal life.

POLLS AND CONTESTS from Richard Pavlicek
Since September 2000, Richard Pavlicek conducted monthly bidding polls and play contests, with worldwide participation of thousands of bridge players. All past events are archived in quiz format for anyone who missed them. click here

DAILY HANDS FROM MIKE LAWRENCE. BRIDGE CLUES : Providing Clues to Winning Bridge with daily hands by Mike Lawrence : Get a Clue : Mike Lawrence, famous bridge champion, writer and Internet bridge maven, is supporting a new Internet bridge site. The site contains two bridge hands every day. The hands come with questions which readers can answer if they wish.

MindRacer Publishing has added A weekly Bridge Jumble word puzzle

Double Dummy Puzzles
Double Dummy Net - I seem to be generally regarded as the leading doyen of this particular genre of bridge puzzle and I hope you will enjoy my recently established web site. Hugh Darwen

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