Swede Develops New Hand Generator
By Matt Granovetter, from Issue 6 of Bridge Today Digest

Anders Wirgren, of Malm, Sweden, is a bridge writer who created a new deal generator for the home computer. The name of it is Scania BridgeDealer. There are other such products on the market, but Wirgren's is particularly efficient and very easy to use.

What is a hand generator? To begin with, a hand generator produces random deals. You hit a key on the keyboard and in a split second a new deal appears before your eyes on the computer screen. You can save the deals to a file, print the deals, and even use the deals for bidding practice with your partner between sessions.

A hand generator is also a program for generating deals with restrictions on one, two or three of the hands (e.g., you may force South to hold a one-notrump opening and then restrict North to less than five points, and then decide the best system for competing over one notrump based on a large number of hands dealt with those restrictions. With Scania BridgeDealer, you can choose a popular bidding system and ask it to deal 500 hands with, for example, a weak two-bid in spades.

You can also restrict the generator to one specific hand (the exact 13 cards of a hand you played in real life) and see if the bid you made was theoretically the best bid in the long run. The program is perfect for doing statistics; for example, you can learn how often you open with a multi-two diamond bid.

Readers interested in more information on Scania BridgeDealer may contact Wirgren by email: anders.wirgren@telia.com, or visit his Scania web site.

For an analysis of a hand from the Swedish Team Championship, visit the Bridge Forum website www.bridge-forum.com.

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