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BRidgeBRowser :: "It's an incredibly powerful program"  David Stern, IBPA Member Click Here for Review

Bridge Base :: Lots of reviews on software using the Bridge Base BridgeMaster engine here

The ACBL's Software Review Page - here

Karen Walker has some great Tips for Choosing Bridge Software (click here).

You can download some Free Demos from the FREE Stuff page and Try Before you Buy.

If you are interested in the latest bridge software news and update announcements, try Silicon Alley.

Pavlicek's Bidding Poll BOT results. Since March of 2001, Richard Pavlicek has tested various bridge computer programs on the problems in his bidding polls (held every odd month), and the results are summarized on his site. Richard notes this should not be regarded as a rigid scientific test because some factors cannot be equalized (e.g., bidding system understandings, and the exact time allowed to make each call). Programs with adjustable skill levels were tested at the highest setting. This is a great way to see the comparitive skill of today's bridge programs and yet another great service from RP! Also, Pavlicek has run similar tests since February 2001 with his Play Contest Bot Results. World Champion software, Jack, was added as of December 2002.

Blackjack Trainer

Learn to play Blackjack and develop a winning strategy for free with this free blackjack trainer. It allows you to practice as much as you like before you play for real money and also offers handy tips for improving your strategy. Highly recommended.



Bridgeware Reviews

Bridgeware 2005 : Educational Bridge Software Reviews Read these excellent bridge software reviews by Pietro Campanile. This year includes Bridgemaster 2000, Complete Partnership Defense in Bridge, The Terrence Reese Classics, the Jannersten Collection, Modern American Bidding with Kokis/Kraft, and Counting At Bridge Two by Mike Lawrence. PDF file Click Here

Bridgeware 2004 : Bridge Baron, Jack, Gib, MicroBridge and QPlus - Read these excellent bridge software reviews by Pietro Campanile PDF file Click Here


Points, Schmoints!, the CD by By Marty Bergen and Bridge Base Inc.Review by Ned Downey & Caitlin

"If you haven't yet tried interactive computer software, this offering would be a great place to start. And if you are familiar enough with a computer to use the mouse, then you are certainly competent to run, enjoy and learn from Points, Schmoints!."

Conventions (And The Judgement to Make Them Work)
Review by Nelson Ford, March 2001
"It should come as no surprise by now that, in Mike Lawrence's terms, we give Conventions a bright green light and five stars out of five."

Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense
Review by Nelson Ford, January 2001
"This Windows-based CD-ROM is a must-have for the novice to intermediate player who wants to improve their defensive play."

Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense
Review By Nelson Ford, January 2001
"Advanced Bridge Defense is a sequel to Modern Bridge Defense. Like MBD, ABD is well written and humorous. And as with MBD, the software used to present ABD is greatly superior to reading a book."

Bridge Master 2000
Review by Caitlin, March 2001
"... the animation is even better than ever."


GIB 4.10 (Current version 5.1)
Review by Nelson Ford, March 2001
"GIB puts its emphasis on striving to be the best bidding and playing bridge program available rather than the one with the most whistles and bells."

Bridge Buff 8 (Current version 10)
Review by Nelson Ford, March 2001
"If we had a comparative review of bridge-playing programs based on potential, Bridge Buff would walk away with a victory."

Q-Plus Bridge 6.1 (Current version 7)
Review by Nelson Ford, February 2001
Q-Plus has far-and-away the most extensive list of features of the major bridge programs. In particular, you have a great deal more control over bidding methods and systems and defensive play. Somehow, with all this extra control, it still manages not to bid (or play) quite as well as Bridge Baron or GIB."

Bridge Baron 11 (Current version 13)
Review By Nelson Ford, January 2001
"The more casual player will have his hands full with Bridge Baron 11 and will find it to be an excellent learning tool, in addition to being a lot of fun to play. Even the more expert player should enjoy Bridge Baron 11, if for no other reason than it is the only program to offer duplicate scoring, and it still plays a reasonably decent game."