For Bridge Teachers:
Dealmaster Pro - the perfect tool for organizing lesson materials, generating deals, and printing just what you want. Endorsed by ACBL Education Dept. Special Citation from American Bridge Teachers Association. For Bridge Players: Dealmaster Pro - the finest Deal Generator and Simulator available. Super for creating hands for bidding and play practice and for convention analysis. For Bridge Clubs: Dealmaster Pro - a great Generator of random deals. Players love the Hand Record.

Press Release

New Dealmaster Pro uses Deep Finesse for unique analyses, Hand Record data

February 22, 2001 - Version 2.0 of Dealmaster Pro will feature a major interface with Deep Finesse, the popular 100% accurate double dummy analyzer, enabling analyses of sets of bridge deals never before practical. In addition, the popular Dealmaster Pro Hand Records and Travellers will display makeable contracts for each deal. The program will be available in early March and demonstrated March 17-21 at the NABC in Kansas City.

Through a special arrangement with the author of Deep Finesse, Dealmaster Pro 2.0 can directly access the analytical engine of Deep Finesse, even if that program is not installed. This makes possible valuable statistical analyses of deals generated by the powerful Dealmaster Pro simulator. Here are samples of the types of analyses possible:

1. A user wants to know how much better it is to play in a 4-4 fit than a 5-3 fit when both are available. He asks Dealmaster Pro to create, say, 300 deals where North/South have a 4-4 fit in spades and a 5-3 fit in hearts and a requisite number of high card points for game potential. He then asks for two Deep Finesse analyses: (1) of the tricks available if South plays in Spades; (2) of tricks available if South plays in Hearts. The Deep Finesse analyzer will be used to compute the tricks available to South in both Spades and Hearts for each deal and present a statistical summary and an analysis of best opening leads. Click here for a copy of the screen that resulted from one such study. Among other things the study shows that about 1% (3156/3117) more tricks are available in the 4-4 Spade fit. Also the best lead against spade contracts will come from one suit only on 73 deals; and from 62 deals on heart contracts.

2. A user had been on lead against a 3NT contract and wants an analysis of the best opening lead. He enters his specific holding and then the specifications for the Declarer and dummy that would have provided the 3NT contract. He asks for 200 deals to be generated and then for two analyses: (1) of the tricks available and best leads for all deals; and (2) to show the number of deals that make and the number that go down and of the winning lead for those that are set. The Dealmaster Pro recap shows, among other things, how many times each card in the opening lead hand was a winning lead.

Up to four studies of a set of deals can be done at the same time. Each is for a specified Declarer/Suit (example: How many tricks are available if South plays in Spades?) or for a specified contract by a specified declarer (What happens if South plays in 4S?). If multiple analyses are requested, an additional recap compares results. Printouts of all studies are available.

An option allows the user to examine each deal and view the best opening leads available for each of the one to four studies requested. If the user has Deep Finesse installed, that program can be opened for any deal for additional study of trick play and alternate contracts.

On Hand Records and Travellers, makeable contracts will display as follows:

  C D H S NT
N 2 3     2
E       1  
S 2 4     2
W       1  

Saying N and S can each make 2C and 2NT; N can make 3D; S can make 4D, E and W can each make 1S.

Dealmaster Pro also features a complete set of organizational tools for bridge teachers. It is endorsed by the ACBL Education Dept and has been cited by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Dealmaster Pro version 2.0 will be available to Dealmaster Pro users at no cost. It may be downloaded from the web site ( Users of The Bridge Dealmaster may upgrade to Dealmaster Pro for $20 (USD) available from Ward & Sons, Inc.

Dealmaster Pro is available from the publisher:
Ward & Sons, Inc., Box 331, Agawam, MA 01001, 413-789-4267 and from bridge supply dealers.
Additional information is found on the company's web site.
Price is $79.95 plus any applicable S & H.

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