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- If you plan to purchase the popular Bridge Baron (NEW VERSION BB17 NOW OUT) software or want to learn more, CLICK THROUGH HERE to reach their website.

Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) is a universal notation to represent bridge games developed by Tis Veugent (PBN Home Page Here) and first released in April 1998. It is in use by many bridge programs and tools and in every bridge program for dealing, bidding, playing, and/or teaching. The notation is suitable for all computer platforms. For other PBN sites see Kaj G Backas PBN Page (free bridge file converter) and Ivan Popivanov's Free Bridge.

Software Reviews

Love your list of links - very useful ... Chris Stableford. Fin-S Score Software.


This page lists links for non-commercial software, freeware and shareware. For commercial software visit our Supplies for Card Players website (


We list bridge software links and news in order of receipt. We like to leave the links in place for years as a kind of archive for online archeologists. Every now and then we'll sweep, deleting links that no longer work.

16th Computers World Championship | Details here

BRIDGEPRO for Mac OSX 10.5+: After ten years, BridgePro™ has developed a major upgrade for its Macintosh OS X users. We invite you to try version 3.1.2. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin's editor, Paul Linxwiler said of our interface that it is: "a clean, simple graphical presentation." That has been further improved. More features and menu items have been added to make an exceptional user-friendly environment. Card play and bidding algorithms have been tweaked. Any questions write: (Aug 2011)

December 2011 :: Board Generator. I have made a board generator that saves 35 hands per page down to PDF, perfect for Bidding Practice. Software runs in the browser built on Microsoft Silverlight. URL: Thanks, Stefan Ekman

August 2011:: Bridge Calculator is freeware program that solves problems in the Bridge card game. It quickly solves the double dummy problem, has both graphical and console-based multiple languages user interfaces. It can imports deals from files in many formats, like PBN, BBO .lin files and files generated by the KoPS program.Best regards, Piotr Beling

World Bridge Championships 2010 - Bots Battle Bit-By-Bit…
by Al Levy
In the closest round-robin finish in the 14 year history of the World Computer-Bridge Championship, the last match determined all 4 qualifiers for the semifinal KO stage. With one round to go any one of the top five contenders could have been eliminated. The final result was WBridge5 first with 110 VPs, followed by Shark Bridge with 108 VPs, Jack with 106 VPs and Bridge Baron with 103 VPs. Q-Plus Bridge lost its last match to Shark Bridge by a 6-24 VP margin, and was eliminated with 99 VPs. Micro Bridge was also out of the money with a respectable 74 VPs, and newcomer Moose Bridge managed only 6 VPs, in what the software developer referred to as a ‘learning experience.’ Click here for updates

October 2010 : Bridge Mats . The BridgeMats program will produce duplicate bridge guide cards (table mats) from an ACBLscore movement file.
The output is a PostScript file that may be viewed, printed, or converted to PDF with GhostScript.

October 2010 : RoboBridge is computer bridge software that simulates three human bridge players. It allows you to play some boards whenever you have time. The robots provide a very high level of play, so you will be trained to always play your best bridge.

January 2010 :: Gnubridge - Gnubridge is a simple and free bridge program. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Gnubridge was first released in 2008, and is continually improved with new features added monthly. GNU Open Source License. Paul Slusarz Gnubridge author

January 2010 :: Compensation Table is method to play duplicate bridge with only 4-players. It takes deal attributes such as high-card points, vulnerability, suit fits into account and returns an expected result for the deal. The Table is generated with computer and is based on tens of thousands of deals from world-class events. Compensation Table is already somewhat popular in Estonia.
More information and also nice score calculator can be found at: Tanel Teinemaa

December 2009 :: BRIDGE PRO: V3.1 - After almost ten years, BridgePro has developed its second major upgrade. If you own version 1, 2 ,3.0 or simply had tried the demo version, we invite you to try version 3.1. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin's editor, Paul Linxwiler said: "If you enjoy playing solo bridge with computer opponents and partners, BridgePro makes a nice, inexpensive choice." Version 3.1 is now Windows 7 compatible. Major changes in the graphic routines will allow play on any screen resolution. Many user-friendly menu choices have been added and card play and bidding algorithms have been tweaked. Any questions write:

August 2009 :: BridgeComposer allows entry and display of bridge hands in PBN file format; formats lesson handouts for bridge teachers; has a full-screen mode; formats web pages and emails; saves records of hands; deals random hands; has a double-dummy solver; interfaces with ACBLScore, Bridgemate and BridgePad; and more. Reasonably priced, free 30-day trial.

June 2009 :: The BridgePhone - The BridgePhone client enables you to register your score at the and of each game during a tournament easily on your own cell phone.

May 2009 :: Bridge Software for Linux (with free trial download) and Windows Mobile: Chris Burkinshaw, Bibase Software

January 2009 :: Free Movement Software. See Jeanie - the movement wizard at and my blog at

May 2009 :: New Release. Version 4.0.3 of Easy Bridge, Steve Han's freeware Bridge program. This is a user-friendly program aimed primarily at beginner players to help learn and practice the game of Bridge. Click Here for more.

Just Released! Bridge Buff 17 - Bridgeware has been providing the world bridge community with quality bridge software for 15 years.. Our software features state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, and with Simulation Bidding. Bridge Buff is now scalable! We don't think you can purchase bridge software anywhere that has this range of features and excellence! Download the Bridge Buff demo and see for yourselves. Included in the Bridge Buff package are Bridge Buff, Visual Deal, Convention Card Editor, Bid Buddy, Bid Sequencer, Pip Converter, System Builder.

July 2007 - Bidding Quest - bridge practice software in three platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux

2009 World Computer Bridge Championships - Congratulations to Hans Kuijf for capturing the 2009 championship with his robot Jack In two exciting KO matches, Jack overcame an 18 IMP semifinal deficit with two board to beat Micro Bridge and narrowly defeated Wbridge5 in the finals. Read more here

February 2007 :: Bridge Squeezes Complete:  This interactive software adaptation of Clyde E Loves classic text allows you to play all 129 exercises and 59 problems before proceeding with Love's analysis. The average player will find a wealth of information on planning and executing end plays, while even the expert can use it for polishing his technique. Free evaluation download offers the first 14 exercises.

December 2006 :: Quick Bridge - Free bridge game for windows. Came across your website while surfing for Bridge related info. Thought you might be interested in including my free Bridge game in your listings. Thanks [wes]Wesley Steiner

December 2006 :: 1.3 of BbnOrganiser. This program enables you to organise your personal bridge bidding system. The program, documentation, etc can be found at The main improvements in version 1.3 concern bug fixes. Best regards, Tis Veugen

October 2006 :: Rubber Soul is a free web-based rubber bridge scoring utility. It doesn't work with Internet Explorer, but other browsers should be fine. Feedback is welcome. Paul.

August 2006 :: - Bridge Software for Score Calculation and to make your own Schemes and Movement sheets. The website is in Dutch and English. Contact: Thijs Op het Roodt

May 2006 :: Bridge Deals Generator. I have developed a bridge deals generator: unlike most of those currently available it features a graphical user interface for selecting cards. A full featured trial version can be downloaded from my site. My site also has a page of specific bridge probability calculations on line. Thanking you, best regards, Andrew Bertallot

May 2006 :: Dave Cullen - - Hi, I'm offering a freeware PC bridge game for download, written by myself, as well as information on how to play, using the Acol Bidding system. Dave Cullen

April 2006 :: Bridge Scoring Software from Jeff Smith. Free modern bridge scoring software.

October 2005 :: Tony Poole - Tony's Personal Bridge Site: Many problem hands, reviews, conventions and bridge stories.

August 1, 2005 - Wireless Scoring Solutions for Bridge. Bridgemate scoring system. The brand new website can be found on Willem Willemse Bridgeweb Australia

February 1, 2005 - New OKScriptX URL I am the author of OKScript and DealPump (which replaced BridgeX) and an article on the Polish Club. I have moved my website containing this material. Please update the relevant links in your site ...
old site: new site:
New program descriptions ... OKScriptX is widely used free tool that automates
alert messaging for online bridge services such as OKBridge. DealPump is a Windows hand record display tool and hand dealer that has extensive filtering capabilities.
Thanks so much, Mike Mardesich

In Depth Review of Educational Bridge Software :: We have just completed an in-depth review of educational bridge software, which follows up last year's Review of Playing Software. Click here for PDF. Best regards Pietro Campanile Bridge - The magazine of the Israeli Bridge Federation

My Favorite 52 & Other Tutorial CDs by Larry Cohen Enjoy these "over-my-shoulder" deals -- favorites Larry has played over the past 25+ years.

BRIDGEMANIA Version 5.3 - Learn bridge now! Special Edition for Beginners, Novices and Intermediate Players Fun and easy way to learn the game of bridge. The Ultimate Bridge Tutorial, Rated “A” by Brent Manley, ACBL Bridge Bulletin Editor "This is a slick program with lots of material for taking the beginning player into the fascinating world of bridge. It is exceedingly easy to load and use, and just about eveything a new player would want to know about is at hand"

DEEP FINESSE tests all hands at Winter NABC in Florida.One of the greatest tools ever invented to analyze bridge hands is a software program known
as Deep Finesse. Once a deal is entered into the program, you can find out what declarer lines work and what the best defense is. All the deals in each set of hand records have gone through Deep Finesse. The program is very practical – it analyzes according to the cards as they are dealt, not according to what might have been. The contracts listed on the hand records are those that can be made with correct play against correct defense as the cards lie. Want to see how it works? Go to and enter the deal you want to study. You can try all manner of play methods or defense methods, and Deep Finesse will let you know if you’re on the right track.

MICRO BRIDGE VERSION 12 (November 2008)
Micro Bridge is a highly intelligent contract bridge software, running on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. You can enjoy playing bridge with other computer players or with other human players (up to four persons at once). Micro Bridge supports many types of duplicate bridge and other functions that are useful for beginners, average players, and even experts.Micro Bridge contains the following seven programs and one Online document.

Great Game Products has just released a new bridge game, Bridge Butler. Moderately priced, Bridge Butler is perfect for players who do not already have Bridge Baron and are just getting started in bridge. Bridge Butler is available only in stores - it can be found in CompUSA stores throughout the USA. If your friends like Bridge Butler, they can then upgrade to Bridge Baron at a discounted price using the rebate form included in the Bridge Butler package. For more info on Bridge Butler click here

BRIDGE PRO: After 3 years, BridgePro has developed its first major upgrade. If you own version 1.x or simply had tried the demo version, we invite you to try version 2. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin's editor, Paul Linxwiler said: "If you enjoy playing solo bridge with computer opponents and partners, BridgePro makes a nice, inexpensive choice." Version 2 has newly added Acol bidding and weak no-trump options in addition to a large array of other conventions.  Large cards are available for the visually impaired [Windows only].  A free download is available for Windows and Macintosh. Any questions write: (July 2003)

January 4, 2003 - Pavlicek's Bidding Poll BOT results. Since March of 2001, Richard Pavlicek has tested various bridge computer programs on the problems in his bidding polls (held every odd month), and the results are summarized on his site. Richard notes this should not be regarded as a rigid scientific test because some factors cannot be equalized (e.g., bidding system understandings, and the exact time allowed to make each call). Programs with adjustable skill levels were tested at the highest setting. This is a great way to see the comparitive skill of today's bridge programs and yet another great service from RP! Also, Pavlicek has run similar tests since February 2001 with his Play Contest Bot Results. World Champion software, Jack, was added as of December 2002.

Computers That Gamble and Imagine - article by Alan Truscott, NY Times. Click Here

For the iPhone/iPad and Android Devices

You can now play bridge, practices bridge and read bridge conventions while relaxing at the cabin thanks to these iPhone and iPad apps.

Feb 2014 : Bridge Solver- new android APP. Bridge Solver incorporates Bo Haglund's double dummy solver module enabling calculation of makeable contracts and par contracts for any bridge hand. The user can 'play' all four positions interactively, and as each card is played the app shows the total number of tricks that will be made for each valid card that can be played in the current position (assuming perfect play by the declarer and defenders from that point onwards). It also contains a built in browser allowing the user to browse bridge club websites. For certain types of club results page (currently those hosted on BridgeWebs or Pianola) the app will recognise if the page contains a hand diagram – a single click will then import the hand into the app for double dummy analysis or interactive play as described above. The app can also import hands from a PBN file, or a hand can be manually entered.

August 2013: Bridge Club Live launched its BridgePlayer App in August 2013 and has an Android version about to release in early 2014. The same App allows online play at all its growing number
of bridge servers, including Look out for 'BridgePlayer' in the various App stores

January 2013: APP: Bridge Carlos. Aimed at the beginner to intermediate player, it contains opening and responding lessons as well as some conventions.I wrote the app working one day per week over the past year, envisaging that it would help promote the game to younger audiences. It could also be an aid for tutors, allowing the tutor to use an iPad (or iPads) as an assistant. I would welcome your feedback on the app.The lessons are also available in video format via youtube - search for "BridgeCarlos App".

Bridge Base Online now has an App. Play bridge on your iphone, ipad, or android devices! Play online or watch vugraphs. Click Here

February 2011 : The Bridge Companion - An application for Windows Phone 7 that replaces the bridge score sheet, manages games played, and also tracks Masterpoints. If you would like more details (video, screenshots and how to download the application) or for any special requests, please visit my website, or reply to this email.

Spring 2012: Two Bridge apps for Android!
Bridge Diary | Bridge Bidding Box

Spring 2012: Mobile Bridge Online This is an app to be released on android to play bridge online by connecting to Bridge Base Online

Mind Sports 4 You
The must-have app for everyone who plays bridge, chess or draughts! Suitable for iPphone, iPpad and soon for Android. Have a look inside Apple’s app-store and get a five-day free trial account. Three new problems every day: one each for bridge, chess and draughts made by top players and world champions. App available in nine languages Available now at

Bridge Score Calculator: Using your Android phone or tablet, the Bridge Score Calculator displays any duplicate score possible. Simply Swipe and Tap your way to the contract and result desired. Click here.

New & Improved Bridge Island has been released, now compatible with more major platforms including Android, Facebook, iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac and FACEBOOK. Bridge Island - Play Online!

We're really enjoying iBridge Plus (iPad App). You can play any number of hands with yourself or create a challenge, set a winners' pot, and play against the world. Very fun! And especially handy for people who might only have time for 8 or 10 hands. The interface is bold and simple. The graphics are nicely done. Check it out here.

iBridge Baron. Based on the best-selling computer bridge game. Over 2 billion deals. Tournaments from ACBL, Cavendish and ABF. It's fun to play a series of hands and see the matchpoint results after each. Go back, rebid, replay - he interface, while a bit buggy, works well once you get the hang of it. It's pricey at $20 but I've spent a few hours with it so that makes it good for me. Now availalbe for iPAD and Android Tablets

December 2010: - currently Android only

November 2010: New FREE APP called "iBridgeOnline" in the app store that will let you play bridge online with others.

August 2010: BetterBridge1 by Bakhshi
English International David Bakhshi (one of our
members), has just released an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is called BetterBridge1, and comprises 16 deals constructed and analysed by David. There are ten declarer play hands and six focusing on defence. The user is presented with the bidding (Standard English and Standard American auctions can be displayed), and then given the chance to play the deal before taking advantage of a 'show' facility which demonstrates the suggested line of play or defence.

June 2010: iBid - iPhone application for Bridge players that brings a lot of bidding conventions directly into their pocket. With iBid, Bridge players can access descriptions, examples and anecdotes of the most important conventions, without the need of any Internet connection.

June 2010: Omar Sharif Bridge for iPhone. Featuring ACOL and Standard American bidding systems, Omar Sharif Bridge will challenge the most proficient player yet still allow the beginner to develop their game. Fantastic graphics and a strong and respected bridge engine allows players to become involved, stimulated and challenged with every deal. Editors review: I still havent figured out how this one works. The graphics are poor, and instructions etc are difficult to find.



Visit the Bidders' Box for convention card links or click here



The dealing program Big Deal was used to generate all hands for the Olympiad in Maastricht, and might well become the standard dealing program for the WBF.

"This is a program to just generate deals for a tournament, without repeating series, statistically good, and safe. No possibility to select types of hands or whatever. Just deals for tournaments. This is in sharp contrast with my previous program, Dealer, that excelled in the selection part, but as I know now, failed in most respects when it comes to tournament dealing. Big Deal is available, free, including sources and documentation, from Very highly recommended to switch from whatever you are using now to Big Deal. To know why, read the docs. Most people are convinced after one read. Let me know if you are not one of them. " ... Hans September 22, 2000


New Dealmaster Pro uses Deep Finesse for Unique Analyses and Hand Record data
February 22, 2001 - Version 2.0 of Dealmaster Pro will feature a major interface with Deep Finesse, the popular 100% accurate double dummy analyzer, enabling analyses of sets of bridge deals never before practical. In addition, the popular Dealmaster Pro Hand Records and Travellers will display makeable contracts for each deal. The program will be available in early March and demonstrated March 17-21 at the NABC in Kansas City. Read the full Press Release here

Dealmaster Pro has all Dealmaster's famous features PLUS the "ultimate" Deal Generator/Simulator. Deal Generation is up to 40 times faster! Dealmaster's Deal Generator/Simulator are very powerful and satisfies the requirements of many users. For those who need even more in Deal Generation power, we believe Dealmaster Pro has all the answers. It is perhaps 20 times more powerful than Dealmaster. Dealmaster is offering one $1000. prize to someone who enters a Deal Generation problem that Dealmaster Pro cannot solve. Dealmaster Pro was introduced at NABC in Boston (Nov.1999).

DEAL 3.07 - A bridge hand generator by Thomas Andrews. Features: Easy to use for quick, simple dealing; Customizable output formats; Infinitely extensible via TCL; Easily portable to most platforms; and Free Software under GPL license
"... the most powerful dealing program we've seen." - Matt Ginsberg,

September 2008 :: Deal 3.1 by Thomas Andrews. Deal is now up to version 3.1, and can be accessed at The latest release includes a built-in double dummy solver written by Bo Haglund.

Anders Wirgren's Dealer Software for Mac or Windows - May be downloaded from the Scania website. DealGenerator is a simple program for generating random bridge deals. You can view the deals on the screen and/or print North's and South's hands on different sheets of paper for bidding practice. Scania BridgeDealer is a full dealer, and a DEMO can be downloaded from the above ste as well. For review click here.

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ACBLScore - the standard in North America.

April 2008 :: Free Bridge Scoring Software as used by English Bridge Union. Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs & Swiss Teams software all compatible with Bridgemate (&Bridgepad) usage.

Free shareware Duplicate Scorer program which supports Bridgemate Pro electronic scoring.  Companion Club Database Manager application gives full club management facilities including electronic registration of EBU Master Points.  You can download Keith Sheppard's Duplicate Scorer from:  Also available is his "WebScore" product which allows league scorers (in any sport) to receive match results via the Internet. If anyone is interested in the latter, please see or contact Keith by email. [November 2005]

FIN-S for Bridge Club Scorers, Tournament Directors and Event Organisers Fin-S is a comprehensive suite of scoring and utility programs. Whatever you do with Bridge Scoring, it is designed to make your life easier. The site includes lots of data on what the program looks like, how it works, etc., including a Training Video recorded using Lotus ScreenCam.

Pairs en Teams bridge scoring software. Pairs and Teams is software which is used for scoring a variaty of bridgecontests. These programs are suitable for a big tournament as well as for your local bridge evening. This nice looking web site includes a page which lists interesting links for those who use computers to score their bridge contests. Netherlands.

BRIDGESCORER will do the scoring for a bridge tournement or club competition. It is based on four seperate programs : The mainprogram BRIDGESCORER which offers you ca 200 different movements for maximal 240 pairs, 20 rounds and 40 boards. Easy scoring and many options for calculation, showing and printing. Intelligent robots will assign movements dependant of the number of pairs and rounds. Next sessions will be re-indexed automatically. The program MOVEMENT CREATOR will enable you to create own movements to use. Program CLUBCOMPETITION will give you an overview of more clubsessions and the last program DEALGENERATOR will generate boards with many handy options. A nice BRIDGETIMER is an extra option or can be ordered separately. Dirk Van Der Plas, Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands English Site | Dutch Site


Bridge Calculators by Richard Pavlicek
Bridge Hand Evaluator
Bridge Hand Calculator
Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Calculator
Personal Deal Creator
Bridge Score Calculator
Contract and Result Finder

BACKAS FREE BRIDGE FILE CONVERTER UPDATED - it now reads OK-bridge files of .rec type in addition to the earleier supported file types. Reading of PBN has been improved it now should read %Import type of .PBN files correctly (previously only %export format). Click Here for NEW HOMEPAGE. Kaj G Backas. April 2002

POST SCRIPT BRIDGE HAND Print those World Championship hands! - from Masakatsu Sugino- a Windows program that prints out bridge hand records in a graphical way from PBN (Potable Bridge Notation) format data files. The program is able to read and write PBN files. The double dummy analysis is performed with Gib's engine. The graphical presentation is stored in a PostScript file, that can be manipulated with a PostScript viewer.

SuitPlay: free software for evaluation of suit combinations SuitPlay is a software-program for evaluation of suit combinations. The result is comparable with that of Roudinesco or the bridge-encyclopedia. However, the program is flawless and does analyse (almost) any self-chosen suit combination. If you are interested, just send e-mail to Jeroen Warmerdam who will return the free program by e-mail. The program is already some years old. It was announced and distributed the same way as I do now. The old version however did not work on fast pc's (well, what we called fast three years ago) due to an error by Borland. That is fixed in the current version. Source code is not distributed. 4 Feb 2001

Have fun with this neat little Bridge Hand Dealer from Jean- Luc Garneau. It comes in English and French. Note: I can only get it working in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

PBN - PBN stand for Portable Bridge Notation. PBN is a proposal for saving bridge deals from competitions or game programs in a universal and platform independent file system. PBN is a universal notation for bridge games. It has been developed to read and write bridge games in PBN files by any bridge program on any platform. There are several bridge programs that have implemented the PBN format. (I'm very glad that GIB has adopted PBN.) The PBN standard and additional information can be found on the PBN homepage A new version of the PBN Verifier, that has been written in JAVA. I hope this eases the verification of PBN files on any platform, and the generation of PBN files in export format for all platforms. More details can be found in the file inside the archives on the PBN homepage. - Tis Veugen

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Visit Gifts & Supplies for Card Players, our sister site, for a comprehensive list of Bridge Playing Software.

BRIDGE PRO: V3.1 - After almost ten years, BridgePro has developed its second major upgrade. If you own version 1, 2 ,3.0 or simply had tried the demo version, we invite you to try version 3.1. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin's editor, Paul Linxwiler said: "If you enjoy playing solo bridge with computer opponents and partners, BridgePro makes a nice, inexpensive choice." Version 3.1 is now Windows 7 compatible. Major changes in the graphic routines will allow play on any screen resolution. Many user-friendly menu choices have been added and card play and bidding algorithms have been tweaked. Any questions write: (December 2009)

Tutorial Bridge version 4.3 (March 2005) :: Shareware - play and if you like, $27 USD, pay online.
Info URL:
PAD File:

Tutorial Bridge is a program for learning the game of contract bridge while at the same time playing and enjoying the game. It gives the reasoning behind each non-trivial bid that is made, or card that is played. The user can interact with the program at a rate that is consistent with his or her current knowledge of the game. The ability to undo any bid or play permits the student to compare his or her action with what the program would do in the same situation.

March 01, 2002 - Special K Bridge Software - download shareware. Version 2.9 for Windows 95/98, includes options to play with many of these. It also supports most non-standard screen resolutions. Bidding logic has also been enhanced. The latest addition is version 2.9.

Feb 18, 2001 -Bridge Mentor teaching computer program free trial For beginning to intermediate level players. Download trial.

Bridge Bidding Trainer V2.0 - "New SHAREWARE program for Windows and NT to practise your own bidding system. A useful tool for players, pairs, and teams interested in improving their own bidding skills. It can also be used as a hand dealer with conditions on hands and it makes statistics on the conditions imposed, so that it will be also useful to bridge teachers and bidding researchers. The situation at a bridge table is exactly reproduced. You only see your own cards and the development of the auction up to the moment you bid. At any moment you can see the full boards and bidding up to this moment..." English or Spanish. (October 6, 2000 )

SmartBridge - Francesco Barcio, Italy. "A well designed but simple Bridge game. It has many options such as background music, voice messages, bidding help, the ability to save games in PBN format, re-play games from PBN archives, edit games and much more." Shareware. Free to try, $25 if you decide to keep it.

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