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Bridge Collectables - antiques and memorabilia from the history of our favourite game. Click Here

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Ruling the Game - Online Course from ACBL
Will help club directors to polish their skills and benefit players looking for a better understanding of common rulings. Written by popular director Guillermo Poplawsky, the course includes dozens of lessons and quizzes on auctions, play of the hand, claims and more. The cost is $25. The full course will take two to three hours to complete, but you can take it at your own pace, exiting and returning for 30 days. Ruling the Game Course.

A Players Guide to Changes in the Laws (July 2008)
Read about the changes to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge that become effective in September. This article was published in the July issue of the Bridge Bulletin. The new Law books will be available soon from bridge suppliers. From the ACBL website click here for PDF file

The Non Directors Guide to the Laws and Ethics of Bridge - This page has been written by Te Awamutu club member Bruce Owen, an NZCBA licenced tournament director with experience of directing tournaments around the Waikato since 1994. Non Australasian readers of this site will note references to written bidding which is the norm at most bridge in this part of the world. Found on the New Zealand Contractbridge.Net website. Click Here

Back by Popular Demand - Test Your Knowledge of the (ACBL) Laws - Director David Stevenson has added a few editorial comments to the answers, clearly marked as such, to show the differences for the rest of the world and for the new Laws. Original Quiz (1987) with update comments from David.

THE LAWS OF BRIDGE in all its forms. David Stevenson's Bridge Page is home of this, the ultimate online discussion of bridge law around the world with articles on the Laws, links to online Lawbooks, other links and information.

ACBL Alert Procedure written by Marvin L. French, San Diego, CA, USA and posted on David Stevenson's Bridge Page. (2002)

Rec.Games.Bridge Style Guide
Advice on Style for Contributions to
The quality of a newsgroup will benefit if its community adheres to certain conventions in presentation and style. In this posting we provide some suggestions concerning contributions to We claim no authority, but hope that contributors to RGB will be able to use these suggestions to their advantage. (2004)

RGB is a text group. Like chess, RGB has some particular problems due to presenting hands and auctions. It is all too easy to make your article difficult to read on other members' computers. However using the formatting tips given herein will avoid such problems and keep discussion flowing smoothly.

Updated January 2004, David Stevenson

The ACBL Page - Bridge Laws, Alert Charts, Convention Charts, Conditions of Contest, Proprieties, Regulations


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  • Using Tallies for Party Bridge - Movements and scoring guides for up to 8 tables.

  • Various Bridge Movements - set up your own duplicate game

  • Fun Night at the Club - To make a change from the normal weekly duplicate, why not try a Fun Night? You have some boards with different rules, and various prizes. It is very suitable for a Christmas party, or perhaps for Midsummer Day. David Stevenson, Donal Lyons, Jens Christiansen

  • Bingo Bridge - Phil Hatton, Matidstone England

  • Honeymoon Bridge - Collection of variations of this two person card game.

    from Richard Pavlicek - Did you ever have a bridge party at home? If so, you probably played old-fashioned ¤party bridgeË because you were afraid that a duplicate game might be too complicated. Well, fear no more! The forms created by Richard Pavlicek make running a duplicate game a cinch. Everything you need (except pencils and duplicate boards) is provided here. All of the duplicate forms are in PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

  • Deal your club or your home game an entire set of hands, using deal slips and hand records simply by refreshing a web page. Sounds like magic! Click Here for info about this and other useful utilities from Gord Murray. Note: This page was defunct as of September 2009 but I bet Gord has a new page out there somewhere!

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May 12, 2003 -   Affordable Duplicate Bridge Scores on the Web
See your web Duplicate Bridge Results immediately. Club Directors can upload their Game Score from any computer connected to the internet using output from ACBLSCORE. Directors Admin panel can control most features on their web. Including the sliding Information banner. Multiple Game Locations Supported  Alan B. Karpe


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Odds in Bridge - lots of interesting utilities on this page with English versions through menu button. You'll also find an interesting hand diagram creator.

Card Combinations Athens, Greece Card combinations and odds - Missing cards combinations' analysis tool - web based. November 29, 2000

Bridge Calculators by Richard Pavlicek
Bridge Hand Evaluator
Bridge Hand Calculator
Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Calculator
Wheeler Dealer
Personal Deal Creator
Bridge Score Calculator
Contract and Result Finder

from Theodore Triandaphyllopoulos
(Greek and English) Most bridge books assume that these tables are known, but this is not always the case. What's more, the point to which these odds change when some of the opponents' cards are known, is not clear. This site analyses any given set of missing cards, considering the number of known cards in any of the opponents' hand, and produces a table you can use to evaluate a way of playing. New Feature: "this calculator now has the ability of finding the combined break▄probability▄of two or three suits." (Dec 02) Click here ....

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Bridge Collectables - antiques and memorabilia from the history of our favourite game. Click Here

From Rec.Games.Bridge - What is the true story behind the name 'Bridge'? For newsgroup answers click here ...

The Facts and the History of Bridge from

Jeff Tang's History of Bridge page.

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A Bridge Index of Terms - from the

The Bridge World Magazine Glossary

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Maybe you would like to try playing a bit of bridge through your modem! You will meet an awful lot of friendly people at the various online bridge clubs. There is also an awful lot of bridge software available - both shareware and commercial

If after playing some online bridge you'd like to try some other online table games then there are a number of reputable casinos where you can play online. PartyCasino is one recommended casino. offers an updated bonus code for you to use here''


Great Bridge Links has a good jump-in page called the Bridge Classroom You will find a great list of links to How to Play sites around the world.

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Gifts, supplies and novelties for card players - we've done the surfing for you!

The Ultimate Card Games Web Site

The House Of Cards - The best in card games and playing card information, providing links to information about and software for, all types of card games (including Bridge).

Solitaire Central - A central resource for all solitaire and patience card game enthusiasts, with solitaire information, solitaire downloads, a solitaire rulebook, and a comprehensive listing of solitaires for Windows, Macintosh, and online play. (February 1, 1999)

52plus Joker - Originally formed to cater to the interests of collectors of American antique playing card decks, 52 Plus Joker has long since broadened the scope of the club to include the collecting of playing cards and related items of all sorts, and from around the world!

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