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Web Page: www.okbridge.com

Customer support service: Phone toll free
1 888 okbridg (6527434).


Kathy Taylor, General Manager

Melissa Naraval, Director of Marketing

Tony "tuna" Reus
OKbridge Club Manager & Duplicate Director

OKbridge Inc.
4655 Cass Street #204
San Diego, California


Our software, OKWin, can be downloaded free and operates on Windows platforms.

We also have a java platform to support Mac users called OKWeb. This also means anyone can play anywhere (Mac or otherwise) without downloading software.

Telenet will still get you into a nice text-based interface with OKbridge. The telenet address is vanderbilt.okbridge.com and utilizes unix style commands that can be accessed by doing /help

(US Dollars)

Regular membership $ 99 U

Optional tourneys (open pairs) membership, an additional $ 99.

Both can be obtained on a free one week trial basis

Membership can be purchased on a monthly basis for $12.50


3rd OKbridge Internet World Bridge Championship 2001 Final - article by Henry Francis. Click here



INTRODUCTION (Extracted from web site)

Established in 1994, OKbridge is the oldest and most recognized Online Bridge Club. We have more than 19,000 members from all over the world. Join our club and experience the benefits of membership during your 7-day trial membership. Come meet and play with members at your level or watch the experts play. Explore our Members' Club web site. You may find our community irresistible! Sign up now!

During the quick sign-up process, you will be asked to select a login name and to provide your playing level, email address and a Visa or MasterCard number. After signing up, you will be taken directly to the playing site.

If you do not wish to join us at the end of your trial period, you may easily cancel from our web site or call our customer support staff at 1-888-OKBRIDGE.

Types of Games

Match Points, IMP Pairs, Team Games and Rubber Bridge

Rating system

The current rating system is "Lehman", and fishified "PondPonds" are offered in tourneys.

Schedule of Events

Ambassador Day allows guests to play with full member privileges for a day. It is held on the second Sunday of every month. The next one will take place on November 11. Those without Tourney memberships are welcome to try the FREE trial tourney at the unique starting time of 10am Pacific time. Join the table called "TournAMB" and see what all the fun is about! For more information, click here.

Novice-Mentor tournaments take place at 6 p.m. the second Thursday of each month. At least one of each pair must be a novice or an intermediate. Any conventions from an OKb convention card are allowed.

The OKbridge Open Pairs is run on a daily basis. These tournaments are 26-board real-time events that typically attract 200-300 avid players. Each Open Pairs event consists of 13 rounds in which you play against opponents from all over the world. Once the tournament is completed, contestants immediately receive results by email. These are the times for these events:

Sunday 11 am & 4 pm IMPs
Monday 11 am & 7 pm Matchpoints
Tuesday 11 am & 4 pm IMPs Tuesday 6 pm Matchpoints
Wednesday 11 am & 7 pm IMPs
Thursday 11 am & 4 pm IMPs
Friday 11 am & 6 pm IMPs
Saturday 11 am & 4 pm Matchpoints with ACBL Masterpoint awards!

NOTE: Spectating, the Novice/Mentor tourneys (2nd Thursday each month @ 6pm) (TournNOV) and the Ambassador Day tourneys (2nd Sunday of the month @ 10am) (TournAMB) are free.

MODERATED Fifth Chair sessions every Monday through Friday at 9 am.

SAYC bidding practice every Sunday at 7 am. and Thursday at 3:30 pm.

2/1 bidding practice every Thursday at 6 pm.

SAYC Novice Team Game every Saturday at 8 am.

2/1 Team Game for Intermediate Players every Saturday at 1:30 pm

Read the 5th Chair's Monthly Newsletter

Special Features

Every month on random preannounced dates we have an exhibition match called "GoldWay" where Paul Soloway plays with a super partner against all-star opps.

Riko's OKbridge Team Ladder is good, competitive team bridge played on a regular basis. It is informal competition between OKbridge teams for the principal purpose of having fun via playing decent bridge. For more information, click here


The OKbridge Spectator is our complimentary monthly magazine for members. A graphic version of the Spectator, posted a few days after the text version is sent out, can be found on our web site



OKbridge announces OKplus, a Browser-based program offering unprecedented flexibility foronline bridge players.

Platform independence, advanced functionality and improved ease of use now available for Macintosh and Windows users.

Click Here for Press Release (June 2004)

MASTERPOINT SURVEY :: OKbridge is considering offering ACBL masterpoint games, and we would like to determine the level of interest in such an offering.

We would be grateful if you could take a moment to complete the following survey: http://www.okbridge.com/masterpoint Thank you

The OKbridge Team


I find OKB software very user friendly, players are in general courteous and friendly (you will find your occasional oddballs), staff are very good in terms of customer service whenever a genuine requirement has been put up to them. Competition, IS, definitely very good and truly international with top players from USA, Europe and other countries playing there. Only annoyance is there is a separate fee for (online) tournament playing and non-tournament playing membership. Former is double the latter. Best to have this if you have and your regular partner plan to play online. - Manoj Nair

Competition: OKBridge has, *by far*, the strongest competition on the internet. It would be difficult to name an internationalist who has NOT played on OKBridge. OKBridge also has the most onsite teaching outlets for novices and intermediates. If you like to kick back and kibitz a world champion (or watch an online lesson in process), OKBridge is for you. OKBridge's international flavour is in rather sharp contrast to E-Bridge's largely North American constituency.

Courteous Players: One of the problems with having the most players is, of course, having the most jerks. They are unavoidable. This may have been especially true of OKBridge--due, perhaps, to its greater number of competitive players. But J.R. Mayne's no-nonsense approach to the task of weeding out such people has shown great dividends. Expect a very few problems at first but, as you get to know the players and make new friends, this difficulty will fade into insignificance.

Staff: Help is only a phone call away. Tony Reus, OKBridge's charming and illustrious manager, is often onsite but doubles as Head Tournament Director. Don't expect someone to greet you in the Lobby, though.

The good news is: Software: "OKWin" is the state of the art in online client-based software. Quick, textual and resizeable, it is so user friendly that it is very unlikely that you will require any help.

Colin Ward