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Nick Justice (Managing Director)

Peter Oakley (President)


The Java client allows operation under almost all operating systems (AppleMacs, Linux, UNIX etc. ) that use any 4.x or higher browser with Java 1.1 enabled. 64 Mb RAM is required. Alternatively, our original Windows version of the program is also available, needing 1 Mb RAM.

Our commitment to the ongoing improvements we can make - both to the technical and the bridge playing facilities we offer - is continuous.


There is a 30 day free trial period

During this time you may play 48 boards in Competition Rooms and an unlimited number of hands in the Social Room. You will have the opportunity to meet with, watch and chat to members from all over the world.

After this Trial Membership - the longest on the net - We hope you will want to take full membership of Bridge Club Live!

£69 per annum (roughly $99). Our tournaments are FREE to all members - so there are no additional costs. 50% off for low play users upon renewal.

There are substantial discounts for members of the English Bridge Union and Australian Bridge Federation. Other discounts are also available. For example: Beginners/studentsáplease ask

Member Support

We have an active support system for members new and old:

On-line hosts in the club during peak times

Guest Guides may be pre-booked to show new members around the club and play the first few hands.

E mail support on many other subjects as well as a full FAQs system.


Australian enthusiasts will get more opportunities to play bridge on the internet. 14th August 2001Press Release Click here

26th June 2001 British and Chinese agree joint internet bridge venture - Click Here

Data Misuse by Competitor. Feb 27, 2001 - click here





Based in London, England, and operating for more than 9 years, The International On Line Bridge Club launched Bridge Player LIVE! in 1994 as the first WINDOWS on-line system to be available at that time.

Subsequently, in 2000, having been recognised by the English Bridge Union as the preferred provider of Acol facilities on the internet, the IOBC opened the EBU Online Bridge Club.

The two clubs were merged in April 2002 to form Bridge Club Live.

Bridge Club Live comprises a wide International community where SAYC is the favourite bidding system (other systems are also used). We have a further community of Acol players (also from all over the world), but who mostly reside in Great Britain.

Bridge Club Live is dedicated to improving and monitoring our technical and software expertise. There is constant research and development to make the online game a rich and rewarding bridge experience. The combined experience of BCL management and the expertise of the English Bridge Union ensures a friendly and welcoming playing environment.

Our Java version launched in 2001 operates on virtually all operating systems, including MACs with modern Web Browsers that support JAVA 1.1 or higher

The language of the tables is English - but with more than 120 countries represented amongst our members, all the main languages in the world will be heard.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is designed to promote a good quality, friendly and enjoyable bridge experience.

Types of Games

We hold on-going Butler and Match Pointed Pairs, regular tournaments and various special competitions. Some rooms operate under WBF Category 3 permitted systems and alerting regulations.

Other rooms are limited to EBU Level 3 permitted systems and alerting regulations. In this way we can offer a wide variety of games and scoring for all of our members.

Rating system

All standards of player are welcome. Our club reflects the range of standards you would expect to find at any local bridge club. We have a broad-based ranking system in place.

Schedule of Events

Duplicate Butler (IMP) scored Pairs and Match Pointed Pairs events have tables in play at all times. Every week, there are daily Pairs tournaments, one Individual and one Teams tournament. These are held to suit most time zones.

A variety of special competitions are held at fixed times and are promoted on the club website.

These include Swiss Pairs, Multiple and Knockout Teams and Danish Individuals.

Special Features

In our Social room we offer the opportunity for all members to play relaxed and easy-going bridge that does not affect rankings!

Regular partnerships often practise there and members enjoy meeting new partners over a few hands. It is a good place for Guests to start off from and find their way around the software.

Bridge Club Live offered the first live Vugraph in July 2002 at the Commonwealth Games.

We have discussion e-mail groups, Comments Board and many other features on our web site


Newsletters are sent to all our registered Guest and Full members.

Face to Face

Throughout the year, our members meet together in various parts of the world. Reunions are a feature of BCL that are organised by the members themselves.

We have many events organised by the members, for the member in addition to annual reunions - the next gathering in Lisbon, Portugal plus many informal social activities at face to face bridge events throughout all over the world.  

Keeping in Touch : Free Webmail

Members of Bridge Club Live were amongst the first to have an e-mail address identifying them as bridge players on the internet. was rolled out and tested amongst several hundreds of members. Now it is a sturdy, FREE web mail product with anti virus scanning and spam filter. Click HERE for more information

Fast Friendly & Fun

Bridge Club Live brings a world of friendly and interesting people together to play bridge with YOU!