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BBO now offers online play without the need to download software. Because of this, all platforms may now enjoy Bridge Base Online.



Bridge Base Online
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BBO TEACHER WEBSITE Hi, this is Pete Rudie, I play and teach on BBO as "grizz" and have just launched a website. The lesson archives from my free defense lessons in the Beginner and Intermediate Lounge on BBO are on the website now, and I expect to have archives from my free defense lessons in Club2/1 up shortly, with more content to come.

Internet Club for students - A new club, especially de-signed for students, has been established on Bridge Base Online (BBO): the University Bridge Room. All students are welcome to the online tournaments held every Wednesday at 20.00 hrs and Sunday at 15.00 hrs CET (Central European Time).


Bridge Base Online (BBO) was launched on April 23, 2001. The software for this site was written by Fred Gitelman. It is possible to play various forms of online bridge through BBO, but this program also offers many training and social facilities that are unique in the world of online bridge.

Types of Games

  • duplicate matchpoints

  • duplicate imps

  • rubber

  • set game (total points)

  • play the deals from major tournaments and imp yourself against the results that were originally achieved

  • play premade instructional deals

  • minibridge (simplified version of bridge that was developed in The Netherlands and has been used successfully in various European countries to introduce children to bridge).

  • play at teaching tables. these tables include several functions that are designed to facilitate student/teacher interaction.

Rating system


Schedule of Events

  • Daily mentoring sessions with Shelaugh Paulsson.

  • Weekly mentoring sessions with a guy named Francesco (will have to find his last name) who is one of Italy's top teachers

  • these sessions are conducted in Italian.

  • Bi-weekly live online lectures by Fred Gitelman.

Special Features

  • Vugraph theatre containing complete play records of thousands of deals from major tournaments

  • Truly live vugraph broadcasts of major tournaments

  • Integrated Bridge Library contains over 100 articles on bridge

  • Bridge Chat Rooms - designed for talking about bridge

  • Lecture Hall - allows teachers/authors to present live and highly graphical and interactive presentations of their material to large audiences.

  • Partnership Bidding area - used for practicing bidding whatever types of hands you want with a partner or student.

  • Double Dummy area - work on double dummy problems while online - Deep Finesse is integrated in this (and several other) areas of BBO.

  • Complete text of ACBL Learn to Play Bridge program is available through BBO.

  • Bridge Base Standard (2 bidding systems designed for casual online partnerships) - system notes available directly through BBO.

  • Bridge Master 2000 demo - play 5 Bridge Master deals directly through BBO.

  • Integrated "bridge movie editor/viewer" allows the user to type in a deal, bidding, and play sequence. This information can be saved to a file or sent to another user so that they can view the movie you created. Teachers can have their students play deals that they construct using this facility.

  • Several excellent bridge teachers are using BBO for their classes. All teachers are welcome to use our software for this purpose and the staff of Bridge Base Inc. will provide teachers with free training and technical support.





You can now play in the Bridge Base online environment whithout having to download software. Updates will be automatic and all platforms, including PC and Mac, are able to play.

BBO Turned 10 years old on April 23, 2011.

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* The Bridge Base Timeline: Click here
* Interviews with:
- Sheri Winestock: Click Here
- Fred Gitelman: Click Here
- Uday Ivatury: Click here

BBO Adds New Investors

Bridge Base Online Ltd. today announced a change in the ownership structure of the company with the addition of three new investors: Bill Gates of Medina, Washington; and Sharon Osberg and David Smith of Tiburon, California. They join Fred Gitelman and Uday Ivatury, who both remain as significant investors.

"I am extremely pleased to announce the additions of Bill, Sharon and David," said President Fred Gitelman, who remains the company's largest shareholder. "Their experience, knowledge and wisdom will help ensure that we make the best possible decisions for the future of our site. All three of our new partners are longtime BBO members, have executive management back- grounds and are avid bridge players. Sharon has won multiple world championships."

The full text of Fred's personal letter to BBO members regarding this event is available through a link on the company's web site (

Speaking for the new investors, Bill Gates adds, "We are all very proud to be backing Fred and Uday's vision of utilizing BBO as a platform to promote the game of bridge throughout the world."

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) and the Chinese Contract Bridge Association (CCBA) are currently hosting the 2007 World Bridge Team Championships in Shanghai, China.

Thanks to the ongoing support of WBF President José Damiani and the hard work of the CCBA, hundreds of thousands of bridge players from around the world will be able to watch these championships live and for free on BBO vugraph," said Gitelman. "In addition to our usual live coverage on BBO, the Shanghai broadcasts will be available for free through BBOTV -- an exciting new online vugraph technology."

A link to access BBOTV is available through

Bridge Base Online Ltd., a privately held Nevada based company, was formed in 2001. BBO hosts more than 50,000 bridge players daily and is the largest online bridge site in the world. BBO offers an array of free and premium services for players of all levels -- from novices to world champions.

Inquiries from the press should be directed to:

From the Daily Bulleitn, Shanghai Oct 1 2007

May 25, 2005 - Bridgebase SK - A new site for slovak and czech speaking players with many articles for advanced and expert players. Contact: Eduard Velecky

Sep 2007 :: Hi, this is Pete Rudie, I play and teach on BBO as "grizz" and have just launched a website. The lesson archives from my free defense lessons in the Beginner and Intermediate Lounge on BBO are on the website now, and I expect to have archives from my free defense lessons in Club2/1 up shortly, with more content to come.

Fred Gitelman is 2005 ACBL Honorary Member " If you’re not careful, bridge could ruin your life.” That’s the warning that Ted Horning gave Fred Gitelman many years ago. Gitelman ignored that advice, and now he is the 2005 Honorary ACBL Member of the Year. Read More Here ::>

Bridge Base Online Live Vugraphs
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The site with the best teaching facilities is Bridge Base Online, the archives alone make it worth visiting.

Jesus M. Arias Jr.

There are enough users now to make it a viable playing site - last time I checked there were almost 150 people logged on - more than on the ebridge site at the same moment.

However the really unique thing on Fred's site are his excellent analyses, often of hands that he played himself.