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Bridge Baron Bridge Playing SoftwareFREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD
Experience one of the world's most popular bridge playing software programs. Available for both Mac and PC



Ron Klinger BridgeDAILY ARTICLES from Ron Klinger
Enjoy daily problems, weekly quizzes and email newsletter from a world class bridge professional. Sign-up for a 30 day Free Trial.


Bridge Baron - PC and Mac. With over 2 billion deals, Bridge Baron offers you the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, bridge game available. Lots of demos and patches can be downloaded HERE

INTRODUCTION TO BRIDGE - PC computers - Play and learn with Pat Harrington. Free Trial Great Game Products and Bridge Baron. Click Here to download EXEC file::>

JACK - Winner of many World Computer Championships. Free DEMO version of JACK. Click Here for English Version ::> In this demo Jack bids and plays at full strength. Besides 12 random deals, a tournament session of 21 deals is included. Some options have been disabled. The demon page also has a CD Inlay for printing for those of you wanting to put your demo on a CD. Cute.

BRIDGEPRO for Mac OSX 10.5+: After ten years, BridgePro™ has developed a major upgrade for its Macintosh OS X users. We invite you to try version 3.1.2. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin's editor, Paul Linxwiler said of our interface that it is: "a clean, simple graphical presentation." That has been further improved. More features and menu items have been added to make an exceptional user-friendly environment. Card play and bidding algorithms have been tweaked. Any questions write: (Aug 2011)

BRIDGE BIDDING TRAINER V2.0 - Bridge program to train the bidding BBT is a complete program to practice and improve your own bidding system. Windows or NT . Download Free demos here

Bridge Manager - (PC only) offers great new features for Bridge Baron®, the popular and acclaimed computer bridge game. Bridge Manager now also supports PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) deals, and can be used with many other bridge programs as well. Download free demo here

Micro Bridge - Placed 3rd in the 2002 World Computer Bridge Championships. Highly intelligent contract bridge software supporting network play and many types of duplicate. Download here

Q-PLUS Bridge - one of the top bridge programs on the market today, placing 4th in the 2002 World Computer Bridge Championships. FREE demo Download here

Blue Chip Bridge - "Blue Chip Bridge is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to Acol bidding. The number one for Acol players" - Mark Horton - British International (Daily Telegraph). Blue Chip placed 5th in the 2002 World Computer Bridge Championships. Download Here

Bridge Buff 18 - Download Demo Here - also Visual Deal

Oxford Bridge from Thinking Games. New Site Here You can download a demo version of OXFORD BRIDGE - The demo is a working version of the software, but is limited to 6 hands before the deal routine repeats. The hand load/save/edit functions have also been disabled. English and Italian Demo Download Here

Bridge 8.0 for IBM and Mac. - Artworx Software.
FREE demo, 10 hands, for MAC or PC. While you're there, try some of their other card game's FREE Demos.

Bridge Master- Bridge Base Inc.
Outstanding teaching program. User must solve problems in declarer play - only proper technique works. DOS or Windows only. FREE demo link

Let's Play Bridge - From this site a person can read about this game and download a FREE version of LPB that is capable of playing a number of games (Windows 3.1 or higher). This version can be made fully functional by a simple telephone call or by e-mailing Let's Play Bridge.

Play the Vanderbilt with Kit Woolsey - Play the Vanderbilt is an over-the-shoulder type of product, with the actual hands from the 1996 Vanderbilt and from the viewpoint of each player. Readers are invited to download and examine a free demo version.

Membership Director - Software for bridge clubs to use to track information about their members. Comprehensive, easy to use, and economical. At $95 there isn't a better way to track members, dues, committees, attendance, awards, contributions, etc. Download FREE demo Shareware Copy (limited to 20 members) at the site.


January 2010 :: Gnubridge - Gnubridge is a simple and free bridge program. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Gnubridge was first released in 2008, and is continually improved with new features added monthly. GNU Open Source License. Paul Slusarz Gnubridge author

May 2009 : New Release. Version 4.0.3 of Easy Bridge, Steve Han's freeware PC Bridge program. This is a user-friendly program aimed primarily at beginner players to help learn and practice the game of Bridge. Click Here for more.

Bridge7 from Turkey's Yalcin Pekiner Free Software for practising bidding & playing. July 30, 2002


Lots of Shareware (and more Freeware) can be found in Silicon Alley. Click Here to be routed to the Great Bridge Links Software Pages.

Free shareware Duplicate Scorer program which supports Bridgemate Pro electronic scoring.  Companion Club Database Manager application gives full club management facilities including electronic registration of EBU Master Points.  You can download Keith Sheppard's Duplicate Scorer from:  Also available is his "WebScore" product which allows league scorers (in any sport) to receive match results via the Internet. If anyone is interested in the latter, please see or contact Keith by email. [November 2005]


Bridge Chronograph
A FREE bridge clock for those who don't have enough time. Able to run in a computer with two display adapters. From Takis Pournaras Email:

Webpage Hand Creator - If you have ever struggled with formatting bridge hands for a webpage, hooray, your troubles are over. Hand Creator makes it so easy! Simply enter the card values in a form, click the button and the HTML code is created for you, which you then copy and paste into your web page. From and free! ::>

Deal 3.07 is a bridge hand generator by Thomas Andrews. Features: Easy to use for quick, simple dealing; Customizable output formats; Infinitely extensible via TCL; Easily portable to most platforms; and Free Software under GPL license
"... the most powerful dealing program we've seen." - Matt Ginsberg,


Free Tools to Improve your Bridge from Marty Bergen

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